Soweto  & Other Townships - daily tours through the eyes of a photojournalist
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Experience daily Photographic and Video trips into Soweto & Other Townships such as Alexandra and Diepsloot, South Africa, as a photojournalist and discover exciting happenings in the Townships.

Added to the trip is the joy of helping young children and the elderly, as we bring books, crayons or anything that will bring some upliftment to the people of the community.

As we set out we plan a theme or just go with the visual flow of the township. It could be people staring out their shack windows, residents with umbrellas (see here) or growing food or whatever we decide.

I photograph, you photograph or video shoot and at the end of the trip, you will receive a link with photos of the trip that I have taken of you..

We discuss what makes great photo! Improve on photography while enjoying South African township life.
If you want more, we can combine street art, food and get a feeling of living in one of Africa's largest city, Johannesburg as an add-on to your Township experience.

Join us up to 6 people per group. Bring your cameras, video cameras and smart phones! Most of all, bring your creativity and meet the people of South Africa!!

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Take your kids to see where you lived,
went to school, kissed.
If you would like to make a donation to help the community of Kliptown in Soweto, Click here...
Make a Contribution

Our visits include giving to the
communities that we visit.
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Future Angels Day Care

The Future Angels Day Care Centre, in the heart of Kliptown, Soweto, is one of the only day care centres taking care of about 50 children daily. Here, the children get their first education by volunteer teachers, that live in the community. The children also are the lucky ones that get a meal everyday at lunch time.

To see how you can help the day care,
click here...

Kliptown Backpackers
Need a place to stay that is different?
The Kliptown backpackers is in the heart of Kliptown, the area of Soweto where the Freedom Charter was written.
Kliptown Gumbooters(KGB)
Next time you have a function of any sort and you want to have something different, hire the Kliptown Gumbooters to entertain your guests.
They are the young dancers lead by Thando who live in Kliptown, the original area of Soweto. Read more...
Read what they had to say about the
trip to Soweto.

My Personal choices of Music, Hotels, Food
Personal Choices
My suggestions from food to music to books that will introduce you to South Africa and my Soweto trips.
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Johannesburg In Your Pocket
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Photo of the week - Photos by Ilan Ossendryver
Giving out Soccer Balls
Daily Chores in Soweto - Photo by ilan ossendryver
Portrait of a Sowetan - Photo by ilan ossendryver ^top
From the Past showing a Pass Book called the Dompass

Artisan of Soweto in his workshop

Great Face of KlipTown

Future Soccer Player

We Remember Madiba - photo by ilan ossendryver
Howzit - photo by ilan ossendryver ^top
Hot Summer Days - photo by ilan ossendryver ^top
Last days in a shack before moving to a government housing project - photo by ilan ossendryver ^top
Head in the Clouds, waiting for the summer rains - photo by ilan ossendryver ^top

Street Walk - photo by ilan ossendryver ^top
Heritage Day - A rainbow nation - photo by ilan ossendryver ^top
Soweto Beauty - Photo by Ilan Ossendryver
Soweto Beauty - Photo by ilan ossendryver ^top

Hector Peterson Museum - Young visitor - Photo by ilan ossendryver ^top
Soweto - coming home from work - photo by ilan ossendryver
Coming home from work - Photo by ilan ossendryver ^top

Weekend Games, Soweto - Photo by ilan ossendryver ^top
Rainbow Nation - Kliptown Soweto
Rainbow Nation - Kliptown Soweto - Photo by ilan ossendryver ^top
photograph by ilan ossendryver
Portrait of a Sowetan - Photo by ilan ossendryver ^top

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