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Make a donation to help Kliptown Community in Soweto

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Social Responsibility

We try to do something good for the community on our photo trips.

  • Future Angels Day Care Center is where most of the visitors to Kliptown get to meet the young children of the Kliptown community. It is here that we bring most of the dontations.

  • Bring books and pencils, soccerballs, crayons, food but not sweets to give out to the children who need them.

  • We also give once a year, a "Braai" (BBQ) for the young soccer players from the Youth Kliptown soccer team.

  • Birthday cakes. Everytime, there is a birthday, we buy a cake and sing "Happy Birthday".

So just about anything that will help is always welcome.

If you would love to help, email me at:

Banking Details
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::- Account Number - 62779113027
::- Branch - Norwood
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