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He has been the official photographer to Michael Jackson during his visit to Israel as well as FW De Klerk.
He has covered three American presidents, seven Israeli prime ministers, has photographed may well known people from Leonard Bernstein, Pavarotti, Nelson Mandela to Gorbachev.

He has vast experience with industrial, corporate and public relations photography as well as documenting social issues. Some of his clients have been Africa Tikkun, Microsoft, Nasdaq, Hilton Hotels, Southern Sun Hotels, Intel, Boeing and many more.

His photographs have appeared in many international newspapers such as The New York Times, The New York Daily News, International Herald Tribune, Forbes, Der Spiegel, South China Morning Post, The Times of London, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Yedioth Acharanot, Maariv, The Star of Johannesburg and many more as well as magazines.

He was the resident photographer of the San Francisco Chronicle in Israel and worked for a major news agency in Israel.

Ilan is currently the resident photographer of the Johannesburg based Jewish Life Magazine and the South African Jewish Report.

Books Published:

The Ethiopian Jews of Israel - Personal Stories of Life in the Promised Land :: By Len Lyons, PhD :: :: Photographs by Ilan Ossendryver :: :: Foreword by Alan Dershowitz ::

The Ethiopian Jews of Israel: Personal Stories of Life in the Promised Land (Jewish Lights This first book to recount in captivating photographs and candid interviews the profound challenges and inspiring accomplishments of Ethiopian Jews struggling to become Ethiopian Israelis.
This book is also unique in presenting the personal stories of Ethiopian Israelis, offering the reader a sometimes painful, sometimes touching look at Israel through their eyes, told in their words through in-depth interviews.
The book is a winner of a Gold Medal from the Independent Book Publishers Awards, 2007.

Kindle Book
South Africa during the Apartheid era: Short Stories & Images by Ilan Ossendryver

The short stories by South African photojournalist Ilan Ossendryver are about the hardships and cruelty that Black South Africans had to endure under the Apartheid regime of South Africa. The book is illustrated with over 80 photographs of life in South Africa under Apartheid.

The short stories are used to compare the writings of the US Civil Rights Movement to that of the Apartheid era.

Ilan's short stories are used around the world such as in Italy, the Philippines, Botswana and others for teaching English.


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