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Covid-19 Lockdown 1 - We are now going on local trips... Join me on a photographic trip..
I am now able to take you on a photographic trip of Johannesburg and Soweto due to the Lockdown 1 official protocols.
Please join me on a trip and enjoy what is on offer in Johannesburg and in Kliptown, Soweto.

What COVID-19 rules should the clients stick to during the tour.

  • First off, I am vaccinated with the Phizer vaccination.
  • Prior to each trip we take, the vehicle will be cleaned and sanitized for the trip.  This is done for every trip to ensure sanitization.
  • In my vehicle, we will supply as I do all my guests, masks and sanitizer.  Sanitizers are placed on both sides of the doors of the guests.
  • Before getting into my vehicle, we will sanitize all hands.
    During the trip we will come into contact with people and we will as much as possible keep to social distancing.  Children may come and do an elbow greeting.
  • We will take sanitizer with us always.

Please Note: All precautions will be taken but it must be recognized that there is a World Pandemic and I or anyone cannot be responsible in the case of contacting Covide-19.
It can be contracted on the way to the airport,on a plane or anywhere. BUT with the right attitude and precautions, It can be very much avoided.

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