Soweto, Township tours Soweto, Township tours Soweto, Township tours

Here are the details of the Soweto trip and other trips available. 

Cost of the trip - Soweto Trip
The cost of the trip is as follows:
::- The cost is R1950 for one or two people
::- If there are more than two people on the trip, then the cost is R850 per person
::- There is a weekend surcharge of R600
::- Any add on to the trip is an extra R800
::- There is a pick up and drop off fee of R600 from the airport area

The Soweto Trip
The tour includes:

:: - 4 - 6 hour trip to Soweto

:: - Trip photographed by Ilan 

:: - If you need guidance on photography, that is also part of the trip - How to take good photographs

:: - Reminiscing about what it was like to photograph the township during the Apartheid era

:: - Visit Hector Peterson Museum +  pass by Nelson Mandela House - Vilakazi Street + Orlando Towers (Please note: Some museums are closed becasue of Covid).
:: - Historical sites that influenced the Liberation Struggle and that was the beginning of the end of Apartheid

:: - Drive through Soweto to get a feel of how the residents live

:: - Participate in Social Responsibility programs in the community

:: - Visit an informal settlement where you will see the projects that I am involved in such as vegetable gardens and a crèche.  Crèche is where we hand out stuff for the children.

:: - Visit a Shebeen (time permitting)

:: - Meet Traditional Healers

:: - Find the Soweto "Big Five"

:: - Bottled water & snacks

:: - Museum Entrance fees

:: - Receive photographs of your trip, by WeTransfer

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Just a brief background to my Soweto trips & Other Townships

During Apartheid I would go into Soweto as well as Alexandra and take photographs of people living under Apartheid.

I also photographed Nelson Mandela in Soweto on his first day of freedom after 27 years.

I have the privilege of having one of my photographs of Nelson Mandela in the permanent exhibition of Nelson Mandela at the Nelson Mandela Foundation (Centre of Memory) in Johannesburg.

I have been a photojournalist for most of my life, worked in South Africa, Israel, United States, Ethiopia and Vietnam.

My Soweto trips are based on the principals of the "Five senses"

Sight - Visually documenting Soweto and its people and getting to understand Soweto and how it was during Apartheid and getting to know present day Soweto.

Hearing - I make sure the people that I take learning to hear "African city sounds".

Taste - We get to taste some street food

Smell - let's leave this one out. (Actually no. We smell great cooking smells.)

Touch - Meet and shake hands and sometimes dance with the people of Soweto.

All the photos that I shoot during the trip are then put into Dropbox for the people to download when they get back home. 

Community Outreach!!!
During our trip we shall be seeing lots of children and the elderly.  
Please bring along some crayons, writing books, toys, or anything that will make child smile. 

Other trips available:

1.  Street art of Johannesburg - Single person or couple = R1800.  If there is more than one person  but up to six in my vehicle = R750 per person

2.  Nelson Mandela Route - R950 per person. (R2500 for single or couple)

3.  Apartheid Museum (If you are interested, I can take you on a Nelson Mandela trail of Johannesburg that would include the Apartheid Museum and Soweto. R950 per person. (R2500 for single or couple)

4.  Jewish Johannesburg - Single person or couple = R1800.
If there is more than one person but up to six in my vehicle = R750 per person

5.  Indian Johannesburg - Single person or couple = R1800   If there is more than one person  but up to six in my vehicle = R750 per person

6.  Pilansberg - We can do a day trip to Pilansberg, leaving at 07:00am and coming back around  15:00pm   - R6500 for the day.

7. The Lion and Rhino Park - R950 per person. (R2500 for single or couple)

Add On Trips On The Same Day 
If you would like to visit an additional township on the same day, add R750 pp per township. 

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