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The Future Angels Day Care Centre is in the heart of Kliptown, Soweto South Africa, an area of Soweto that have been forgotten by all goverments of South Africa, both, in the past, White and the present, Black.

The day care centre run by Dolly with five volunteer teachers, gives hope to about 50 children that live in Kliptown, that still has no proper water for houses, no electricity and no toilets. Despite this, the community takes pride in themselves.

Without this Day Care Centre, these children would be out on the streets, not getting the important education that they receive from the centre. They would not be getting a place of learning and safety. Importantly, they get lunch here every day.

During my trips to Kliptown, all the visitors that come with me, get to meet the children and also to see the great work the teachers are doing. All visitors gets a happy hug and a "Sharp! Sharp!" from the children.
And what is so great about the visitors that come with me, is that they all bring educational toys for the Day Care.

The day care always needs help in things such as food, educational toys and supplies as well as items needed to teach the children to prepare them for their future. We are also looking to sponsor children that run the streets of Kliptown. R250 per month per child will assure these children important vital education for the future.

Make a donation to the Future Angels Day Care Centre or to Sponsor a child.

The cost of sponsoring a child is R3000 (R250 per month) for the year.

Bank Account:

Future Angels Day Care
Bank = FNB (First National Bank)
Branch = Eldorado Park
Bank Account Number = 62779391300
Type of Account = Current Account -Gold Business

Dolly  the owner of the Day Care Centre email is

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